Two Swedish startups awarded Top 50 European Startup Prize for Mobility

There are countless Swedish startups pushing for more sustainable and cleaner mobility across Europe in urban landscapes. The European Startup Prize for Mobility recognized two of those companies alongside 48 other promising enterprises; Nudgd and All Aboard.

The EUSP is an EU-based acceleration and investment program for sustainable mobility startups. The public-private initiative collaborates with major institutions and large mobility corporations and tech giants to help scale-up smart startups. The group says 563 startups in 38 countries across Europe submitted applications. Those startups were judged by 57 independent evaluators, during a two month process.

Many countries and cities in Europe have placed a heavy focus on finding more clean and sustainable options for everyday life, as communities around the globe work to combat climate change.

The coalition Generation Climate Europe says CO2 emissions from transportation are now responsible for 25 percent of global emissions. The new European Commission’s 2050 target for transport is a 90 percent reduction of its emissions to achieve the Paris Agreement targets.

The solutions that arise from tackling global warming can sometimes be unique.

Want to solve a common problem

The CEO and Co-Founder of All Aboard, Anton Trollbäck, says he was traveling for a few months around Europe by train. He says planning and booking those train trips was time consuming, as well as complicated and difficult.

“We four founders already worked together with digital services for sustainability for the UN, The New York Times, Gates Foundation, and more,” Trollbäck said. “At lunches, we talked about the problems of booking trains – and as problem solvers at heart, we could not stay away.”

Trollbäck says their goal is to recommend the best and most comfortable international train route, and then make it possible to book all your tickets in one click.

“Our goal is to make a digital travel agency, not just another ticket site,” Trollbäck said. He says that sustainable alternatives only become popular when they are simple and good.

Nudgd, which was also recognized by the European Startup Prize, helps cities and companies ‘nudge’ people who want to live and travel more sustainably by encouraging behavioural change and helping to establish sustainable habits. Their services include a SaaS platform for smart travel habits and smart nudges, an academy to educate organizations, and a community with thousands of professionals.

“We need both technology and behavioural change to go hand in hand, in order to solve sustainable goals,” Nudgd Fonder and CEO Katharina Paoli Brunat said.

Paoli says landing on a top companies list like the EUSP helps in multiple ways.

“This is the year we’re planning to scale outside of Sweden, so this is a really welcome start to the year,” Paoli said. “We can see there is a need for scalable nudging and climate tech in other countries, and they can become aware of our services.”

Anton Trollbäck, CEO of All Aboard, and Katharina Paoli Brunat, CEO of Nudgd.

There are great benefits to recognition

The organizations recognized by the European Startup Prize pitched to a large jury of experts in mobility, and then answered tough questions. If they move from the top 50, to the top 10 in this award, they will receive extra support and mentorship.

The EUSP says the top 10 startups get visibility, investment, mentoring and advocacy – with the top 4 startups to receive a tailor-made mentoring programme by Boston Consulting Group.

“With the EU Commission as the initiator, this award increases our credibility,” Trollbäck said. “It gives us access to contacts around Europe, which is both good and fun.”

Trollbäck points to the need to stop flying as much in the EU, in order to achieve climate goals. He says politicians must decide on more night trains, better passenger rights, and an easier train travel booking process.

“The trains take you anywhere and to all the hidden gems, not just to the same old tourist destinations that have been marketed for a hundred years,” Trollbäck said. “In this way, tourism in Europe will also become more local and dispersed, which will benefit everyone.”

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