Swedish startups rallying to help Ukrainians affected by invasion

Entrepreneurs reacting and taking action against the war in Ukraine. Photo: Linkedin and Shutterstock.

As communities around the world respond to Russia’s invasion of sovereign Ukraine, people with ties to Ukraine and Sweden are reacting to the news through social media.

Techarenan News has spoken with several entrepreneurs over the last week to see how they’re dealing with the incursion.

Swedish IT consulting company, Beetroot, has about 600 employees in nine offices across Ukraine. Beetroot’s Nordic manager, Arvid Joelsson, told Techarenan last week that the company was activating its emergency plan.

Joelsson says Beetroot had also been in contact with other Swedish companies in the same situation. He says the willingness to cooperate is high at the moment.

The company’s CEO and Co-Founder, Andreas Flodström, posted on LinkedIn last Thursday as the invasion was beginning. Flodström also linked to a fundraiser this week in a new post.

Techarenan News also spoke last week with Axel Bruzelius, founder and COO at Ark Kapital and former Head of Startup and Growth at Nordea.

Bruzelius recommends Swedish startups with business ties and employees in Ukraine should tread carefully moving forward, to avoid suffering major consequences from incoming sanctions.

“What you have seen in smaller crises than this is that larger loans and investments are postponed, so you should probably prepare for the fact that it can get quite messy,” Bruzelius said.

Entrepreneurs helping Ukrainians affected by invasion

Entrepreneurs in Sweden are mobilising on social media to gather support, by raising both awareness and money. Swedish citizens are offering jobs, donations, living accommodations – and asking others to help as well.

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