EdTech Alliance launches free learning resources for Ukrainian refugees

Jannie Jeppesen, CEO of the Swedish Edtech Industry, about the initiative to open the database for Ukrainian refugees. Photo: Shutterstock and SEI.

Millions of Ukrainian refugees fleeing the country after the Russian invasion now have easy access to free digital learning materials and tools through a new online portal.

The European EdTech Alliance has opened a database where you can search for resources and services, and get information about the support available to different groups of people.

The European Edtech Alliance is an umbrella organisation of trade associations in Europe, collecting initiatives from more than 2,400 EdTech companies in Europe. The EEA recommends that we use the platforms and solutions they already have and build on the services needed to meet Ukrainian schoolchildren, but also job seekers.

Asking for support

More than four million refugees have left Ukraine since the war began, with many fleeing to neighboring European countries like Poland.

The Ukrainian Minister of Education is asking EU education ministers for support that follows Ukrainian education curriculum and Ukrainian learning platforms.

“Using the student’s strongest language is an important path to learning other languages and knowledge but also creating security,” says Jannie Jeppesen, CEO, Swedish Edtech Industry. “This collection can be a good resource for teachers and schools.”

Many Swedish EdTech companies have made their resources and teaching materials available in Ukrainian and in English. It includes learning games, teaching films in different subjects, and short tech training courses for Ukrainian job-seekers.

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