Two Swedish startups selected as world’s most innovative companies within IoT

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Swedish companies Vourity and Ligna Energy have been named among the world’s top 15 most innovative companies within the field of IoT (Internet of Things) in the 2022 IoT Innovation World Cup.

Vourity is a fintech SaaS cloud-based platform for unattended payments, sales and access. The company sells several different kinds of hardware that allow businesses to automate and simplify payment, like handling payments in vending machines.

Ligna Energy manufactures batteries with materials from Swedish forests. It allows the company to enable fossil-free energy production, while minimizing the harm to the environment, at a low cost, with high safety.

The 2022 IoT Innovation World Cup competition saw more than 400 submissions from at least 65 countries within the areas of Industry 4.0, cities, energy, safety and agriculture.

“Vourity was selected thanks to our innovative payment solution for e.g. electric car charging where we make it possible to pay for charging with regular payment cards,” Vourity CEO Hans Nottehed said. “This solves one of the major problems in electric vehicle charging that upsets electric car drivers and also contributes to people hesitating to switch to electric cars.”

Vourity and the other finalists in the Top 15 will meet for the grand final in Hannover on June 1, 2022.

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