Swedish startup launches new generation of electric bike motor kits

Swedish startup zipforce electric

Competition within the electric bicycle market continues to ramp up, as Swedish startup Zipforce launches two new rechargeable electric motors capable of turning any bike into an electric bike.

The company develops and manufactures easy-to-assemble electric motors that can turn any bike into an electric bike. The two motors, Zipforce Slim and Zipforce Distance, are quieter, lighter, easier to install than previous models, while also having wireless pedal sensors.

“We feed very happy to bring these products to market,” Zipforce Founder Måns Bengtsson said. “The noise level and installation have been our main focus, and we have also improved the weight and agility.”

Zipforce says their Slim model, which weighs only two kilos, is perfect for commuters or urban cyclists. The Distance model has a larger battery, for bicyclists who was to cycle longer distances without worrying about the motor running out of electricity.

The motor is portable and can be mounted on either the front or back wheel of a bike. The company’s founder says it’s perfect for families who want to share the motor between multiple bikes.

“The goal is for more people to have the opportunity to turn their existing bike into an electric bike, quickly and easily,” Bengtsson said.

The new electric bike kits will begin to be delivered after midsommar.

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