Startup launching software service to improve automated conversations with customers

wedish startup service to improve automated conversations

In a vast landscape of soul-less online transactions, Swedish startup Soultech is launching a new service to boost the quality of interactions with shoppers.

Soultech’s new software service provides online sellers with a simple platform to chat with customers. It aims to help companies have more meaningful conversations with their customers online.

The company says many companies fail to engage with customers in a consequential way. The main issue is linked to failing to capture the attention of consumers by communicating with them in the wrong channels.

“People have moved on from monotonous emails, slow customer service via email, or customer service chats where the conversation is interrupted if the tab is closed,” Martin Wettergren at Soultech said. “We have reached a turning point where brands need to get better at communicating with their customers to provide convenient and exceptional service.”

Soultech is a B2B SaaS platform that works with businesses to create personalised experiences on messaging channels. The platform can be seamlessly integrated into clients’ existing systems, and allows companies to do things like send out newsletters over WhatsApp instead of email.

Nudient Co-Founder Vidar Sjöqvist, one of Soultech’s customers, says the service allows them to quickly and smoothly help customers at an early stage. It also helps them tailor messages and reach out with recommendations and exclusive product releases.

“We want to be where the customer is,” Sjöqvist said. “It should be as easy to talk to your favorite brand as it is to a friend, all to deliver one maximum shopping experience.”

Soultech says the conversational commerce market is showing explosive growth in other areas of the world, and the trend is coming to Sweden. The market is estimated this year at €62 billion.

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