Stilride aims to reshape the manufacturing industry with origami

Stilride receives the Industrial Award in Techarenan Challenge 2022. Photo: Tommy Fondelius.

Jonas Nyvang says he was eating dinner with his friend Tue Beijer a few years ago when Tue showed him a model of folding paper into the shape of a bike. The friends began exploring the technology of folding sheets of metal, and Stilride was born.

Stilride has developed a green manufacturing value chain for folding a 2D metal sheet into a 3D advanced design product with minimal CO2 emissions. Their first Stilfold design is a sustainable industrial origami electric scooter with minimal environmental footprints.

“We have proved that the technology is unique in itself, it’s using a combination of computational design to fold straight and curved folds,” Stilride Founder and CEO Jonas Nyvang said. “It demands a lot of computer power, and that requires a new perspective on manufacturing.”

The company says through its origami manufacturing process, Stilride can substantially reduce the weight and use of components, meaning lower costs and less labor intensive production.

Jonas says the goal is to completely change the way we manufacture vehicles.

“A totally self-sufficient digital value chain”

“Our wish is to actually drive it into a totally self-sufficient digital value chain where we deliver production as a service, as well as software as a service,” Nyvang said.

Nyvang says Stilride already has pilot programs with large brands in the market. The company also became part of the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub this month.

“The way we rethink and reduce climate change is the most important thing to think about,” Nyvang said. “And then our vision to change the way we manufacture into a greener process.”

Their goal is to expand globally within the next few years, and hit at least one billion kronor in revenue. Nyvang says Stilride has ambitious targets, and they want to expand the company as fast as they can.

Stilride won “Industrial Award” during Techarenan Challenge 2022 during Almedalen this month.

“The recognition we got from getting the Industrial Award helps us to build credibility in the industry,” Nyvang said. “I think that’s really going to be exciting to be part of your delegation moving forward.”

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