Adverty building a seamless advertising foundation for immersive gaming

As the gaming industry evolves, developers are trying to find new ways to make money without bothering the people playing their games. Swedish startup Adverty is giving developers tools to integrate immersive and seamless advertising in a way that benefits everyone without disrupting gamer experiences.

“The last five or six years, video has really kicked off when it comes to digital,” Adverty CEO Jonas Söderqvist said. “Broadcasters have been really keen on developing the video product within the digital space due to traditional television declining.”

Adverty CEO Jonas Söderqvist.

The gaming industry has also exploded in growth. Alongside that growth, experts say the in-game advertising industry was valued at $6.8 billion in 2021, and they expect the sector to reach $17.6 billion by 2030.

Marketing research showing that mobile takes up 60 percent market share of the $222 billion gaming industry.

“We are pioneers when it comes to VR and AR”

“Gamers have also grown their consumption of gaming and the time spent in games,” Söderqvist said. “If we can incorporate this into the gaming experience, then this would be a perfect, new way for brands to explore and talk to their audiences.”

The company says they analyzed 40 million ads that was delivered to one of the biggest games in their portfolio, and they didn’t see a negative impact on retention, user reviews, app scores or user feedback. Adverty says that’s because the ads aren’t intrusive to gamers.

“We need to have a technology that is really light weighted, so we can deliver this kind of secure environment,” Söderqvist said. “It’s seamless, if you’re running down the street in a shooter game, you would see the ad on a bus station as you would in real life.”

Adverty has announced multiple ad partnerships with developers like Dodreams, and demand partners like Yazle. Last month, the company launched streaming video technology for In-Play ads. The partnership with SeenThis enables streamed video advertising in live-gaming environments for the first time.

Söderqvist says the company’s goal is to push the market forward and help the industry mature with new monetization models.

“We are still kids in this industry because we have just started to touch base on where this commercialization of the gaming industry should be in the near future,” Söderqvist said.

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