Min Doktor founder launches new digital service to tackle obesity

Yazen Health Founder Magnus Nyhlén. Press Photo.

Min Doktor Founder Magnus Nyhlén is launching a new digital healthcare provider to help people in Sweden lose weight. The Swedish government says more than half of the country’s population indicates they are overweight or obese.

The new clinic, Yazen Health, raised 11.2 million SEK to boost the company’s reach and expansion in Sweden. The company is backed by Fåhraeus Startup & Growth, SmiLe Inject Capital, and others.

“It is difficult to change lifestyle and lose weight yourself, and therefore we want to offer a complete solution, a method that actually has a proven effect,” doctor and founder of Yazen Health said. “Studies show that this method can lead to 16% weight loss in a year, which in turn can lead to lower blood pressure, improved blood lipids and greatly reduced risk of type 2 diabetes.”

The Public Health Agency of Sweden says 52 percent of people in Sweden between the ages 16 and 84 stated a height-to-weight ratio indicating they’re overweight or obese.

Yazen Health uses a team of dieticians, psychologists, personal trainers and doctors combined with medicine. The company’s services are paid for entirely by the patient themselves, and can also be used by those who’ve undergone surgery like gastric bypass.

“The success lies in the combination of drugs and lifestyle change,” Nyhlén said. “It is not good if the drug is prescribed without the patient receiving the rest of the treatment, then there will not be a long-term change.”

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