Sifted Editor Amy Lewin on the Nordic startup ecosystem: “A name on the global stage”

Techarenan News got a chat with Amy Lewin, Editor at the British startup news site Sifted, at Slush 2022.

Big tech layoffs and tougher times in general were common topics of discussion during Slush 2022.

“I’m sort of taking the puls of it at the moment, but the overwhelming sentiment is that it’s probably a good thing, and it will mean that salary expectations will com down a little bit and great talent can be hired”, said Amy Lewin, editor at Sifted and one of the moderators at the event.

“That’s maybe an interesting positive thing in the startup ecosystem out over the broader economic nightmare that we’re going through”, Lewin told Techarenan News after moderating a discussion on “How to make Co-CEOs work” with Monika Liikamaa and Denise Johansson, Co-CEOs at the Finnish fintech company Enfuce.

One of many startups from the Nordic ecosystem that Lewin ranks high in a global perspective, and one of the reasons for her being at Slush.

“It’s really impressive that some of the European startups that are known globally are Swedish or Finnish. You’ve got Klarna and Spotify. It’s a very established ecosystem and a name on the global stage”.

Looking forward on 2023 Lewin is hoping for a better year for the tech sector than many expects, and she’s also crossing her fingers for climate tech to thrive.

“I hear about all these startups and I’m like: ‘Yes, we need this, please be successful and raise lots of money and have massive impact on the environment”.

See full video above.

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