Swedish Web3 startup Strive Live is connecting people through storytelling

Strive Live is a growing live-streaming startup based in Sweden. Its mission is to connect people through authentic storytelling using cutting-edge Web3 technology.

The Strive platform allows users to live stream to a global audience, enabling them to tell stories to people outside of their usual circles. The startup provides an opportunity to hone storytelling skills, network with people from various parts of the world and obtain rewards by engaging with other Strive users.

Strive believes that storytelling is a powerful tool to transform the world. For centuries, people have used stories to relay information, teach others and provide entertainment. People share values, traditions and beliefs via narratives. Moreover, storytellers can inspire people to take action and even change their worldviews.

Storytelling is a way to express one’s feelings and emotions. It can help improve connection with family members, deal with troubled social dynamics and resolve relationship issues.

The company focuses on storytelling because it believes in its importance in shaping the future. Strive explained that storytelling could help individuals discover new perspectives. Whenever someone experiences difficulty in life, they can reframe their mindset via story to create a sense of empowerment.

Social media has changed the way people interact, with the focus shifting toward information delivery rather than connecting with others. Strive is adamant that the shift in communication has undermined genuine connections between people.

“Instead of engaging in real, inspiring conversations, people often find themselves swiping left, right, up and down, posting pictures of their dinner or aimlessly scrolling through pictures on Instagram,” CEO Andreas Grenthe said.

Strive’s platform

Currently, Strivers live stream via Discord, a social media that hosts communities of varied niches. The Swedish startup is still developing its own storytelling mobile app — currently in the beta phase — to simplify live streaming for its users.

The startup has built a strong community of live streamers. Together with storytelling master David JP Phillips, Strive recently established Storytelling University, which has courses focusing on storytelling and public speaking. It plans to continue its growth and reach more people.

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