CES tech event unveils ‘Tesla of the sea’ electric hydrofoil boats

Candela boat. Image credit: Press Image.

The CES tech exhibition premiered an electric hydrofoil speedboat designed by Swedish company Candela on Friday. Dubbed the “Tesla of the sea,” the vehicle was one of the few electric boat innovations showcased at CES.

The CES tech event is better known for more audacious features, such as self-driving or flying cars, but this year allowed more seafaring vehicles to take the spotlight.

Produced by the Scandinavian company, the hydrofoil speedboat is around 28 feet or 8.5 meters in length. The speedboat reportedly can also run at 20 knots for over two hours, letting it cruise at around 23 mph.

Later in the exhibition, Californian company Navier unveiled its own electric hydrofoil boat. Navier’s boat, while somewhat longer than Candela’s, was not as prepared to be shipped out to clients.

Electric future

Environmental and economic concerns have driven engineers to focus on electric vehicles as the masts of the future. Electric-powered boats often also offer quieter and calmer rides due to their sleek designs, unlike their gas boat counterparts.

However, boaters may not be ready for the electric future. Current electric boat models presented at the CES are expensive and pose safety risks.

“How safe is it for me to go out in the middle of the week with no one around, miles from shore, in an electric outboard engine?” securities analyst Michael Swartz said.

Swartz asserted that the present use of electric motors may be in smaller, more controlled rental boats, most likely owned by widely-used boating clubs.

However, despite the security concerns, companies like Candela and Navier have plans to form a market of electric ferries. This secondary market may compete with the gas-powered vehicles that currently carry commuters across archipelagos or coasts.

These plans would incite major disruption in the market. While gas-powered vehicles running now may have fixed schedules, electric boats may be ordered on demand, similarly to Uber and Lyft on land.

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