Scrintal aims to boost professionals’ productivity with visual tools

Scrintal team. Image credit: Press.

Stockholm-based startup Scrintal has raised €1 million in funding to help professionals improve their productivity with visual tools.

Scrintal offers technology that combines visual canvases and documentation. Its innovation allows professional workers and teams to develop ideas and present their pitches on the same screen.

“Our company was born out of the real-life struggle we experienced ourselves,” co-founder and CEO Ece Kural said. “When I was finishing my PhD at Stockholm University I realised I needed a more visual way of working.”

There are already visual-based productive tools out there, like Miro and Notion, but Scrintal claims that its product offering is different. According to the developers, each card on the Scrintal platform serves as a “visual knowledge base.” Users are not only able to write on the card but also add various files, including photos and documents.

Unlike other mind-mapping tools, users can connect each card via a backlink. The developers said this feature functions similarly to Wikipedia pages. Scrintal is adamant that its intuitive tech is more advanced than its competitors, allowing users to increase productivity immediately after switching to Scrintal.

Spintop Ventures led the funding round. The startup’s existing investor, Icebreaker VC, also joined the fundraising.

Scrintal plans to use the recently obtained funds to launch its app, which is scheduled for public release in the second quarter of this year. The funding will also help Scrintal speed up commercialisation and further product development.

Ahead of its launch, Scrintal offers a Personal Pro Plan, which is a beta early access plan. Users who want to sign up for this premium service need to pay around €5 per month. The services include unlimited boards, unlimited cards, priority support and one-on-one calls with the team.

After the startup launches its platform, users can register for a free-of-charge personal plan. At the time of writing, there are more than 44,000 people on Scrintal’s waitlist.

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