Swedish mini-mobility startup announces first EV model — Luvly O

Stockholm-based mini-mobility startup Luvly has introduced its first electric vehicle model, the Luvly O. Luvly plans to launch the model later this year, pricing each unit at around €10,000.

The O is intended to be a low-speed inner-city transport, with a maximum speed of around 90 kilometres per hour and a travel range of 100 kilometres. Joachim Nordwall, who used to work for Swedish automaker Koenigsegg, designed this debut model.

Using lightweight, recyclable materials, the model uses modular construction. Luvly simplifies the logistic process by shipping the vehicles in a “flatpack form” to be assembled locally, significantly reducing the carbon footprints of its operations.

The O’s low weight makes it sufficient for smaller batteries to power it, which, in turn, further help keep it lightweight. This also allows for faster charging time at household outlets and battery-swap stations.

Co-founder and CEO Håkan Lutz told the media outlet Wallpaper that driving Luvly’s debut car model will feel like driving a regular gas-fueled SUV, a typical urban car.

“The biggest difference to the consumer is they know they aren’t polluting their city’s streets and putting their community’s pedestrians, schoolchildren, and animals at risk,” Lutz added.

“Add to that the fact they are paying a fraction of the price to run the vehicle, and that parking is much easier, and the modern car experience isn’t left with too much to recommend it.”

Mini-mobility in Europe

Lutz explained that mini-mobility is not as popular in Europe as in many Asian countries, despite European cities having begun accommodating micro-mobility transport like bicycles and scooters. However, he was adamant that there is a “potential for change” in mobility infrastructures to accommodate mini-mobility.

Lutz said Luvly is different from other microcar makers in the sense that it embodies Swedish engineering qualities — innovation, stylish design, affordability, safety and environmental consciousness.

Luvly initially planned to prioritize its distribution in cities with high levels of pollution and traffic congestion. However, since the startup implements B2C and B2B models, it sees an opportunity to launch its product in urban areas worldwide.

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