E-bike startup Movs to offer leasing program: “Important to think differently”

Mikael Klingberg, CEO and Founder, Movs Technology Group and the e-bike Ergo. Image credit: Press.

Swedish micro-mobility startup Movs will offer an innovative leasing program for its two new e-bike models, the Nörd and Ergo

The Stockholm-based startup aims to make e-bikes more accessible and affordable to the wider public. Its parent company, Movs Technology Group (MTG), is one of Sweden’s largest e-bike and e-moped retailers, with signature products such as Lifebike and DRAX.

Movs was set up as a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) in 2021, offering a monthly subscription service for various micro-mobility modes like e-bikes and e-scooters.

“For us, it is important to think differently,” Mikael Klingberg, cofounder and CEO of Movs, said. “Instead of selling e-bikes, we offer a membership with a simple and accessible platform.”

Movs’ membership-based leasing program put a “spin” on e-bike ownership. Usually, people purchase e-bike units via cash or credit. With the leasing program, more people can own e-bikes without paying high upfront costs.

As of now, the startup has not published details regarding the leasing program, including pricing, lease duration and inclusions.

Movs will roll out the leasing programme this year, starting in Sweden before expanding to other European countries, with the U.K. being one of its target markets.

Movs’ new e-bikes — Nörd, Ergo

Designed as urban runabouts, Movs’ two new models feature its proprietary technology to offer an “intuitive driving experience.”

The single-speed Nörd is described as an urban belt-driven e-bike with advanced sensors to improve safety. Meanwhile, Ergo is a step-through city e-bike that boasts seven-speed options.

Both e-bikes utilise a Uniframe construction, meaning a unit’s frame uses only one piece of aluminium without joints. The construction system makes them lighter than most other bikes in the market. That said, the Uniframe is notably sturdier and more durable than standard bikes.

Movs said it had also developed an in-house battery system for its new e-bikes. The battery is portable and can cover up to 100 kilometers per charge.

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