IKEA partners with Meta and Warpin to offer AR experience in Sweden

Ikea, Swedish startup Warpin Media and Meta in new AR cooperation. Image credits: Press/Shutterstock.

IKEA Retail Sweden has teamed up with Meta and Warpin Reality, a Stockholm-based startup that helps companies develop VR & AR content, to offer an augmented reality (AR) experience at select stores in Sweden

The AR experience is called “Lilla Aventyret,” an educational game inspired by IKEA’s BLÅVINGAD — the retailer’s underwater-themed toy collection made partially of recycled plastic from the ocean.

Helena Gouiveia, marketing manager at IKEA Retail Sweden, explained that the company constantly explores new ways to serve its customers, adding that the game is an entertaining experience for all family members.

“We are constantly exploring new ways to meet our customers. Currently, we’re doing so by developing a game for everyone looking for a fun experience for the whole family.”

Helena Gouiveia, Marketing Manager at IKEA Retail Sweden

Gouiveia said that the AR experience takes into account children’s interests and natural curiosity to provide them with the opportunity to learn more about marine life.

Broader opportunities for companies

IKEA visitors only need to scan a QR code to access the AR experience via the Instagram mobile app. Doing so will activate an Instagram filter that gives them tasks to explore the brick-and-mortar stores to find interesting facts about marine life. Users can also take selfies with various sea creatures, including killer whales and octopuses.

Josefine Billström Raasakka, a creative strategist at Meta, said tech development provides more opportunities for brands to develop compelling and immersive customer experiences.

“This project is an interesting step in creating a richer customer experience at IKEA by weaving in technologies such as augmented reality as part of the shopping experience,” Raasakka said.

Warpin CEO Emma Ridderstad said working with Meta and IKEA was “great” and that her company was “proud” to participate in the project. Ridderstad explained that the collaboration with Meta had enabled them to test the boundaries of Meta’s SPARK AR.

IKEA has previously experimented with AR technology. In 2019, the furniture retailer launched IKEA Place, allowing customers to preview furniture at home before making a purchase. Last year, the company also launched the digital tool IKEA Kreativ to help customers design their own dream rooms.

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