Ingrid raises €9M to provide better online shopping and retail experiences

Ingrid founders Ilia Mikhailov, Piotr Zaleski and Anders Ekman. Image credit: Press.

Swedish SaaS delivery platform Ingrid has concluded a €9 million (100 million Swedish kronor) late seed funding round to provide better online shopping and retail experiences for consumers, sellers, and carriers.

Headquartered in Stockholm, Ingrid was established in 2015 with a mission to personalise the delivery and returns of goods. The startup aims to provide consumers with delivery systems that best suit their needs while also helping retailers and deliverers achieve better operational efficiency.

Ingrid believes that the last-mile leg of the supply chain is a significant challenge in the retail and logistics sector, with about 53 percent of shipping expenses coming from this phase. At the same time, consumers are expecting a more convenient delivery system.

To solve these issues, Ingrid offers solutions in four main areas — Checkout, Tracking, Transport and In-store. The startup’s Checkout tech helps retailers optimise checkout processes using a data-driven approach to increase purchases and brand loyalty.

Its Tracking tech provides a complete monitoring system to reduce support issues that may interfere with the retail experience. Meanwhile, Ingrid’s Transport solutions allow sellers to manage all delivery orders in a single system to cut costs.

Ingrid’s In-store features aim to help physical stores explore e-commerce and improve efficiency. Stores can offer flexible delivery options for their customers and track their inventories better with Ingrid’s tech. Shipping orders directly from stores can also reduce emissions.

Ingrid cofounder and CEO Piotr Zaleski said the startup’s latest fundraising effort aims to refine Ingrid’s products and eventually boost retailers’ profits from deliveries.

“Financial times are tough, and I’m happy to share the news about our funding. Last-mile deliveries are costly*, and this investment will allow us to help more retailers make a profit on deliveries.”

Piotr Zaleski, Cofounder and CEO of Ingrid

Stockholm-based Schibsted Ventures led the fundraising, with the participation of SEB, BLQ Invest, and Verdane. Zaleski said he was “happy” to announce the successful fundraising amid tough financial times.

Meanwhile, Schibsted investment manager Kajsa Gatenbeck said her company was attracted to Ingrid’s vision of building an innovative delivery experience that focuses on customers. Gatenbeck added that Schibsted’s support would go beyond providing financial assistance for Ingrid.

“Apart from the funding, our experienced venture team will actively support the company in reaching their growth targets, work towards their sustainability mission and scale the company to support their ambitious goals,” Gatenbeck said.

There are over 150 retailers that use Ingrid’s services, including prominent Nordic retailers like Adlibris and Apotek Hjärtat.

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