MYSTiC GAMES raises €1.19m to create unique Web3 gaming experience

Mystic Games. Image credit: Press.

Stockholm-based Web3 gaming developer MYSTiC GAMES has raised €1.19 million in a seed funding round to create a unique multi-player mobile gaming experience based on blockchain technology.

Founded by gaming industry veterans in 2022, MYSTiC GAMES aims to disrupt the present situation in the Web3 mobile gaming sector.

As players are usually required to buy NFTs to fully enjoy blockchain-based games, the number of players in the Web3 gaming space is relatively low despite the abundance of new projects.

To achieve its mission of making Web3 gaming more accessible, MYSTiC GAMES will turn its games into player-owned games via a DAO (Decentralised Autocratic Organisation) structure.

MYSTiC GAMES already launched Call of the VoYd – Genesis, an early version of MYSTiC GAMES’ upcoming title Call of the VoYd, for iOS and Android this year. The developer describes the game as a fast-paced Roguelike Royale that is easy to play.

Players can compete in the Genesis version to win prizes for the main game. Later this year, the developer will launch the Genesis NFT Collection.

With the recent funding, the gaming startup plans to develop the Call of the VoYd game further and expand its team.

“We want to embrace Web3’s mission of truly democratising digital ownership and give our players assets that hold value in the real world,” said MYSTiC co-founder and CEO Matthew Buxton.

“This investment gives us the opportunity to take huge steps towards achieving that.”

San Francisco-based venture capital firm Shima Capital led the funding round, with participation from several other institutions, including 32-Bit Ventures and SevenX Ventures.

Shima Capital has been involved with MYSTiC GAMES since the startup’s inception, providing consultation services to the game developer.

Yida Gao, the firm’s founder and managing general partner, said Call of the VoYd’s gameplay and MYSTiC GAMES’ data-driven approach motivated the firm to help launch the game.

The seed funding round also involves Joe Mahon, an angel investor known for participating in the Downtown Project in Las Vegas.

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