STILRIDE reveals final design, price of its first electric motorcycle

Stilride reveals its design for the companys first EV. Image credit: Press.

Stockholm-based electric mobility startup STILRIDE has unveiled the final design and price of its first product, STILRIDE 1.

Known as the Sport Utility Scooter in its prototype phase, STILRIDE 1 is a lightweight vehicle with black fenders and detailing in its design. Consumers can purchase the electric motorcycle at €15,000 per unit. The startup produces the model on a reservation basis and will only begin to ship them in the spring of next year.

STILRIDE 1 runs on a 5.1 kWh battery with a top speed of 100 kilometres per hour. It can travel up to 120 kilometres distance per charging session. The company says that the e-motorcycle is road-legal in the EU.

Co-founder and chief technology officer Tue Beijer describes STILRIDE 1 as the “culmination” of his startup’s ambition, targeting bike enthusiasts and sustainability proponents alike. The e-motorcycle showcases not only innovative engineering but also artistic value.

“We can’t wait for our first customers to experience the pure joy of our ride and join us in setting a new gold standard for sustainable electromobility,” Beijer said.

STILRIDE plans to expand its product offerings beyond two-wheel vehicles. It has signed a deal with the Swedish space innovation firm International Space Asset Acceleration Company (ISAAC) to explore the application of its technology in outer space. The company has also partnered with electric carmaker Polestar.

Innovative tech to produce e-vehicles

The Swedish startup uses its proprietary STILFOLD technology to manufacture its product. The origami-inspired technique employs advanced robots to produce lightweight yet durable structures, with each unit only using a single stainless steel sheet.

STILRIDE’s manufacturing process reduces the materials needed to produce a vehicle unit by up to 70 percent. The fewer components in its production also make the vehicle easier to maintain and later recycle.

The startup’s founders have also discussed the possibility of producing STILRIDE vehicles in various locations across the globe by supplying its technology to local workshops. Domestic production will further reduce carbon footprints as products only need to travel a short distance.

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