All-electric truck Volta Zero to make first US appearance

Volta Trucks to debut the all-electric truck Volta Zero in the US. Image credit: Press.

Stockholm-based electric vehicle producer Volta Trucks will debut the all-electric truck Volta Zero in the US next month in may at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo.

Volta designed the truck for urban logistics, reducing emissions from freight shipping in city centres. Volta Zero’s modular battery configuration, located at the chassis rails, can power the truck up to 200 kilometres per charging session. Its ground-up design uses the compact eAxle drive system.

Volta Zero is equipped with a glass house-style cab design to boost the driver’s visibility to 220 degrees. The truck’s driver can sit at a lower height than a conventional truck, thanks to the lack of a bulky internal combustion engine, allowing them an eye-level connection with other road users.

The introduction of Volta Zero at the ACT is a step toward the Swedish startup’s launch plan in the US. Volta plans to launch a US-based Driving Experience Programme for fleet operators later this year, starting on the West Coast.

“The US faces the same safety and sustainability issues we are addressing in Europe and is a significant market opportunity for us,” said CEO Essa Al-Saleh.

The programme will evaluate Volta Zero’s performance in real distribution environments in the US. Volta is currently running a similar programme across Europe.

Volta to introduce subscription model in the US

Volta’s executives and product managers will be present at the expo to discuss the

company’s innovative subscription model.

The “Truck as a Service” model aims to speed up electric vehicle adoption by simplifying fleet electrification. Members of the subscription programme will pay an affordable monthly fee to use a Volta Zero unit. The subscription includes maintenance, insurance and training requirements for truck operators.

Volta plans to establish US-based vehicle service and maintenance hubs close to customers’ logistics centres to boost uptime and comfort.

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