Scania’s all-electric car transporter P 25 now in service

Scania has announced that German logistics giant ARS Altmann now operates its all-electric car. Image credit: Press.

Södertälje-based commercial vehicle producer Scania has announced that German logistics giant ARS Altmann now operates its all-electric car transporter P 25.

Scania equips the P 25 with a Kässbohrer body and trailer, making loading and unloading cars more efficient. According to Scania product manager for electric mobility Thiemo Freyer, the truck can transport up to eight cars “without being too long or too tall.” A fully loaded P 25 will have a total weight of up to 42 tonnes, the maximum limit allowed in Germany.

It takes less than 90 minutes to get the truck’s battery fully charged with the CCS2 at a maximum of 130 kWh. This means that operators can charge the battery during the losing and unloading process, allowing them to travel with 100 percent battery capacity.

Sales director of ARS Altmann, Alberto Picco, said the e-truck pilot project strengthened its partnership with Scania. Like Scania, ARS Altmann has been implementing various sustainability strategies. The German firm aims to achieve carbon neutrality by the end of this decade.

Can travel up to 250 kilometers

ARS Altmann operates 650 car transporters daily. The addition of Scania P 25 allows the company to diversify its fleet. The logistics firm is also exploring other electrification aspects, such as charging solutions and power.

Scania Germany-Austria sales director Christian Hottgenroth said the company supported its customers with all-electric vehicle solutions and the required charging infrastructure and services.

“Scania thus offers a comprehensive range of services to successfully master the switch to electromobility,” Hottgenroth said.

Scania began to roll out its first all-electric truck in 2020. The urban truck can travel up to 250 kilometers on a fully charged battery. The vehicle maker then launched its first regional long-haul electric truck last year, starting its transition to heavy-duty e-trucks.

The Swedish producer has partnered with rivals Volvo Trucks and Mercedes-Benz to build and run an electric vehicle charging network across Europe to aid the transition to net-zero commercial transport. They aim to build at least 1,700 charging stations.

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