Freja Offshore submits application for sustainable floating wind farm on West Coast

Freja Offshore has submitted an application for a floating wind farm on the West Coast region in Sweden. Image credit: Squarespace.

Freja Offshore, a joint venture between Stockholm-based startup Hexicon and Ireland’s Mainstream Renewable Power, has submitted an application for a floating wind farm on the West Coast region to the Swedish government.

The farm, Mareld, has the potential to produce 9-12 TWh of power per year, representing more than half of the West Coast’s energy consumption. This project is a significant milestone in the West Coast’s transition to sustainable energy, as most parts of the region currently import electricity.

This project will also support the national sustainability goal since Sweden aims to become carbon neutral by 2045. According to Freja Offshore, Sweden’s 1,160 miles of coastline provide an opportunity for the country to generate electricity using offshore wind power.

Freja Offshore CEO Magnus Hallman claimed floating wind power offers several unique advantages, such as offshore installation. The joint venture plans to install the turbines on floating platforms at sea where the winds blow stronger and evenly, meaning a more stable power supply.

It also eliminates any negative impact of onshore placement. Conventional wind turbines produce noises that disturb the surrounding environment. They also affect local wildlife as the turbines can injure birds or bats.

“This innovative technology, floating wind power, represents an opportunity for Sweden to establish itself as a pioneer in the field,” Hallman said.

Hexicon CEO Marcus Thor also said Mareld could help the West Coast fulfil its industrial ambitions while still contributing to the country’s sustainability target.

Studies have shown that offshore wind power installation may create 50,000 to 165,000 new full-time jobs. In addition, access to reliable, renewable energy will promote the development of new industries.

Thor also expressed his joy to see the prospect of floating wind power in the domestic market. So far, most of Hexicon’s offshore projects have been in locations other than Sweden, such as South Korea and Ireland.

Sources said the Swedish government would look into the application and gain input from several authorities.

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