Leading bearing & seal manufacturer SKF joins CAKE’s Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever venture

CAKE and SKF joins forces.

Gothenburg-based bearing and seal manufacturer SKF has participated in the Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever project, a joint venture initiated by Sweden’s sustainability startups CAKE and Vattenfall.

“We are proud to join like-minded industry colleagues who share the determination that change is urgently needed for a sustainable future,” David Johansson, president of automotive at SKF, said.

Launched in 2020, the Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever aims to revolutionise the motorcycle industry by eliminating carbon emissions throughout the production cycle of each two-wheeled unit. The venture expects to begin manufacturing and selling electric CAKE Kalk OR electric motorcycles with zero carbon footprint in 2025.

According to CAKE, the electrification of motorcycles is not enough to ensure that the global community will achieve its climate goals. CAKE and Vattenfall also aim to inspire fellow industry actors and lawmakers to support the decarbonisation of this market, especially since the motorcycle industry contributes significantly to global carbon emissions.

Johansson said the companies shared a “common heritage and sustainability” goal, aiming to accelerate the industry transformation. The executive added that SKF’s experience as a leading company in the two-wheeler market and expertise in sustainability could offer a “tangible contribution” to realising the vision of the project.

SKF will explore electrification on the project’s value chain and the possible implementation of low-emission bearings in key areas of the bike, including its frame and e-motor. The company’s engineering team will also work with CAKE to further reduce emissions created by the project.

CAKE co-founder and CEO Stefan Ytterborn expressed his joy about the project’s ability to draw in industry giants like SKF. The Cleanest Dirty Bike Ever will push the partners’ limits in the decarbonisation of manufacturing, creating a long-lasting impact beyond the current project.

Last year, leading suspension manufacturer Öhlins Racing announced its participation in the venture. Öhlins will supply suspension products to the project, aiming to produce them using carbon-neutral materials. It partners with Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) to perform a complete life cycle assessment (LCA) on the manufacturing process.

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