Volta Trucks begins production of electric last-mile trucks in Austria

Volta Trucks has started producing its electric trucks in Austria after a successful product validation. Image credit: Press.

Swedish electric vehicle startup Volta Trucks has started producing its electric trucks in Austria after a successful product validation and debut at the IAA Mobility in Hannover, Germany, last year

The 16-tonne (17.6-ton) Volta Zero is designed for urban last-mile logistics. It also features a spacious cabin with a low floor and 220 degrees of driver visibility.

Contract manufacturer Steyr Automotive is responsible for its construction, while U.S.-based manufacturer Proterra provides the batteries.

Sustainable EVs for urban environments

Steyr can create up to 14,000 Volta Zero trucks annually. But Volta has yet to specify the number it plans to manufacture during its first full year of production in 2024.

Volta’s Zero electric truck targets commercial customers seeking convenience, ranging from 95 to 125 miles. Volta has also introduced a truck-as-a-service (TaaS) concept to potential buyers.

Customers will receive the first examples off the production line at Steyr as part of the Volta Zero Driving Experience Program, which involves an extended-period loan. Those who have already ordered the electric trucks can expect to start receiving them in the third quarter of this year.

According to Kjell Walöen, co-founder and chief manufacturing and logistics officer of Volta Trucks, the company has completed launching a concept, engineering and development.

Now, Volta is at the start of production for the final specification models in just 2.5 years, less than half the time it usually takes for existing truck manufacturers. The goal is to provide customers with safer, more sustainable vehicles to navigate urban environments.

The company estimates that the production of the Volta Zero could generate up to 2,000 jobs throughout the supply chain associated with the truck.

Volta Zero is one of many contenders vying for a portion of the market for electric vans and trucks, alongside competitors such as BrightDrop, Arrival, Rivian and Canoo.

Yet, Volta has also experienced relatively low competition in the 16-tonne EV truck segment as established truck manufacturers such as Volvo and Scania have prioritized the production of heavier-duty electric trucks.

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