EcoDataCenter to build next-gen data centre in Östersund

EcoDataCenter will establish a next-generation data centre in Östersund. Illustration: EcoDataCentre.

Falun-based digital infrastructure provider EcoDataCenter will establish a next-generation data centre, EcoDataCenter 2, in Östersund.

The Swedish startup has allocated 18 billion kroner for the project. EcoDataCenter 2 is set to become one of the largest data centers in the country and is projected to conclude in 2033. The company claims its new project will create 800 to 1,000 new jobs in the area.

EcoDataCenter partners with Malmö-based climate tech company WA3RM to develop a circular system in the new centre. The data centre will provide assistance in data storage and produce food.

Food production capacity in the centre is expected to boost regional food self-sufficiency.

“The uniqueness of this project is that we are designing something circular from the very start,” said Jacques Ejlerskov, CEO of WA3RM. “It is not something we add on at the end or to something already existing.”

The construction will happen in phases starting next year, with the startup planning to achieve 20 MW of sustainable energy production in its new data centre by 2026.

EcoDataCenter collaborates with local energy company Jämtkraft to supply electricity in its new centre. The startup claims that EcoDataCenter 2 can bring 500 MW of electricity to the region, contributing to Östersund’s industrial development.

Countries within the Europe Union plan to impose stricter regulations on data centers. Even though data centers contribute significantly to global digitalization, they consume a large amount of power to operate. Many data centers still use non-renewable energy sources to power their operations, contributing to carbon emissions.

EcoDataCenter CEO Dan Andersson said every industry player must take part in making sure that its operations support global climate goals.

According to Andersson, companies must consider material uses and worker treatment in constructing data centers. He added that it was important for data centers to enable other industries in their developments and operations.

Currently, the startup operates EcoDataCenter 1 in Falun, which uses 75 percent hydrogen power and 25 percent wind power in its daily operations. The data centre is optimized for high-density applications and serves major enterprises.

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