Improvin’ raises €3.5M to enhance sustainability performance platform

Improvin’ founders Joel Nedar, CPO, and Niklas Wallsargård, CEO. Image credit: press.

Stockholm-based climate tech startup Improvin’ has raised €3.5 million in a seed funding round to expand its sustainability performance platform that caters to agri-food businesses.

Climate tech fund Pale Blue Dot and U.S.-based venture capital Dynamo Ventures led the funding round. Food Bridge, Paulig venture arm PINC and Axel Johnson also participated in the fundraising.

Pale Blue Dot co-founder and general partner Joel Larsson said his company was “proud” to support the startup’s mission to help global agri-food businesses improve sustainability. Larsson said the tailored approach offered by Improvin’ was “unique.”

“We believe Improvin’s tailored approach to solving one of the agri-food industry’s hardest problems, producing more food more sustainably, is unique.”

Joel Larsson, Co-founder and General Partner of Pale Blue Dot

Dynamo co-founder and managing partner Jon Bradford said the venture capitalist was “excited” to participate in the funding round. He explained that Improvin’s technology offered a “granular understanding” of carbon emissions.

“We’re excited to be part of this journey and looking forward to supporting Improvin’ scale globally,” Bradford said.

Improvin’ supports agri-food industry in reducing emissions

Founded in 2022, the Swedish startup aims to assist the agri-food industry in reducing carbon footprints in its manufacturing process. Data show that the sector accounts for one-quarter of global emissions from its primary production alone.

Despite the industry’s contribution to climate change, many agri-food companies lack the necessary resources to tackle their emissions problems efficiently. Improvin’s proprietary technology can measure emissions in primary production activities more accurately than other methods, including manual surveys and national average data.

Another advantage of the technology is method scalability, allowing companies to use the tool as they grow in business scales. Improvin’ technology also eases the process of complying with international climate standards, such as the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

Improvin’ claims that its platform is user-friendly due to the simple interface. Users can also link their existing data resources with the platform via API integrations.

Improvin’ co-founder and CEO Niklas Wallsargård said the company had worked with popular food brands, such as Oatly and AAK, to improve their sustainability programs. According to Wallsargård, Improvin’ technology can also boost the biodiversity in a company’s supply chain down to the field level.

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