Vidde to deliver first 1,000 electric snowmobiles by end of next year

Vidde’s electrical snowmobiles. Image credit: Press.

Vidde Snow Mobility plans to deliver its first 1,000 electric snowmobiles by the end of 2024

The Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), Vidde’s research partner, reported that 135,000 fossil-fuel-powered snowmobiles were sold globally each year. In the snowmobile industry, Canadian recreational vehicle producer Taiga Motors is currently the only firm that has delivered electric snowmobiles to end users.

Vidde CEO Christian Lystrup said electric snowmobiles contributed significantly to reducing carbon emissions, adding that Vidde’s products are “built to last” and upgradeable.

“Compared to a traditional scooter, we are lowering the carbon footprint to a seventh,” Lystrup said.

The startup has received orders from three domestic firms — resort operator Skistar, energy firm Skellefteå Kraft, and ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi — for its low-emission snowmobiles. Skistar has been testing electric snowmobiles in recent years, including two Taiga units in April last year.

The manufacturing process of Vidde’s first units will be in its home base, Jörn, located near Skellefteå, where battery producer Northvolt has built its first mega plant. According to Lystrup, Northvolt’s decision to manufacture in the subarctic region is a “big inspiration” for his company.

In addition to Vidde and Northvolt, several other green-energy innovators like X Shore and Heart Aerospace are setting up bases in Sweden’s subarctic, which is considered a “Sustainability Valley” by global consulting firm McKinsey.

Analysts say these Swedish startups benefit from the region’s renewable energy supply and steady venture capital support.

Vidde introduces Frank

Vidde announced last month that its prototype Frank was in operation in Norrland. Lystrup said the pilot project helped the Vidde team understand the requirements for electric vehicles to operate in the arctic climate, namely drivability, functionality in cold climates, and noise.

Italian design house Pininfarina will perform a makeover on the prototype. Pininfarina design executive Xavier Blanc Baudriller said the final look of Frank would be sleek. He said the designing process used “minimum required” materials and significantly differed from designing luxury cars like Ferrari.

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