EcoDataCenter owner Areim raises €446M to transform digital industry

EcoDataCenter’s parent company Areim has raised €446 million via its Nordic data centre fund Areim DC Fund to drive green transformation within the digital industry.

EcoDataCenter CEO Dan Andersson said the new funding would help the Falun-based company expand and fulfil its mission of providing sustainable alternatives for the digital society.

“The capital will enable us to execute our strategy of delivering more sustainable data centre services to clients and to become a leading data center company in the Nordics,” said Andersson.

Areim fund manager Therese Norling said there was an increased interest in the data centre sector in the Nordic region. She explained that the “strong digitalisation trend” and “attractive characteristics” of the market fueled the sector’s growth.

Experts predict that demand for data will grow 300 percent in the next five years due to the rapid development of 5G and artificial intelligence (AI) and a rising number of related products and services.

Europe is trying to keep up with the growing demand by constructing multiple new data centres, but EcoDataCenter argues that these centres often lack circularity and sustainability requirements.

EcoDataCenter’s green solutions for businesses

Founded in 2014, EcoDataCenter offers sustainable solutions for businesses to upgrade their digital infrastructure — high-performance computing (HPC), colocation, wholesale, and time-saving services.

Like similar services, EcoDataCenter’s HPC solution helps businesses enhance their efficiency and time-to-market. What makes the Swedish startup standout, it claims, is that its HPC solution allows customers to reduce carbon emissions while maintaining the ability to scale up.

The colocation solution allows businesses to maintain the security and compliance of their data. EcoDataCenter claims that its sustainable colocation service has one of the lowest total market ownership costs. Meanwhile, EcoDataCenter helps customers build the “optimal” IT environment to focus on their business side through its wholesale solution.

The startup coined the term “Smart hands & Remote hands” to describe its time-saving services. According to EcoDataCenter, its experts can provide services of varying complexity to customers with minimum effort.

The company is currently building a next-gen data centre in Östersund, set to begin its first-phase operations in 2026. By that time, the centre will have a capacity of 20MW.

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