Twirl secures €2.32M to help companies solve data engineering problems

Stockholm-based data management startup Twirl has concluded a pre-seed financing round worth $2.5 million (approximately €2.32 million) to carry out its mission of helping companies solve their data engineering challenges.

Early-stage investor Creandum led Twirl’s fundraising, with participation from UK-based Cocoa Ventures and several angel investors. Twirl plans to use the funds to grow its staff and expand its beta program to accommodate more users.

Creandum partner Sabina Wizander said Twirl could offer “data superpowers” equivalent to larger firms like Spotify. Wizander also noted that Twirl’s co-founders, Eric Hansander and Rebecka Storm, are well-positioned to further develop the data management platform.

Cocoa founder Carmen Rico described Hansander and Storm as a “uniquely powerful founding duo.”

“They know what they are doing – after years of leading data teams at some of the world’s greatest tech scale-ups, they are now building the data framework they always wished existed,” Rico said.

Data engineering problems

Hansander noted that setting up a data platform might take weeks or months despite the rapid development of technology. He pointed out that major tech companies could shorten the time needed for the setup but with large investments.

According to Hansander, Twirl provides solutions that allow any company, regardless of its size, to speed up data engineering and focus on the core business with the support of a mature data environment.

Many firms “over-invested” in modern data stacks, Storm said. She explained that companies usually start with easy-to-use tools but then keep adding more tools because of the limitations of the previous ones. Therefore, companies still need to engineer solutions to fill the gaps in these data stacks.

The startup claims that its proprietary platform eliminates the need for other tools like Docker and Airflow to perform specific tasks, as users can use the platform to collect and present user statistics, automate credit decisions, and more.

On the Twirl platform, users can develop and test pipelines using various programming languages. The platform also allows users to process data in multiple batches. The Twirl team is confident that its platform can replace a data engineering team in some cases.

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