Candela partners with Polestar to launch new edition of electric boat C-8

Polestar and Candela teams up. Image credit: Press.

E-boat producer Candela and electric automotive firm Polestar have unveiled the C-8 Polestar — a new edition of Candela’s flagship hydrofoil boat.

The two Swedish companies announced the partnership last year, aiming to merge Polestar’s high-capacity 69 kWh electric battery with Candela’s hydrofoil technology.

According to Polestar, the battery allows the C-8 a range of 57 nautical miles (around 106 kilometres) per charging session. The battery, which also powers Polestar 2, allows the boat to cruise at 22 knots or 40 kilometres per hour.

“Candela’s hydrofoil technology is a paradigm shift for sustainable performance in the marine industry.”

Maximilian Missoni, Head of Design at Polestar

Polestar head of design Maximilian Missoni described the hydrofoil technology as a “paradigm shift” for the green maritime industry. The technology helps lift the boat above water during the travel, allowing the vessel to move more efficiently. It also prevents excessive marine build-up on the boat.

In addition to combining their technologies, Polestar and Candela merge their designs in the new C-8 edition. Missoni pointed out that the C-8 Polestar features “special gold details” in the carmaker’s products.

Candela co-founder and CEO Gustav Hasselskog expressed his excitement about collaborating with Polestar. According to Hasselskog, his company’s primary focus is to develop attractive marine vessels in “every respect.”

“Aesthetic excellence is an intrinsic value, but it can also serve as a powerful driving force towards a sustainable future,” said Hasselskog.

Deliveries to begin next year

Customers can order the C-8 Polestar on Polestar Additionals and Candela’s website. The production of the vessels will take place at Candela’s factory in Stockholm, while deliveries will begin in June next year. The price of a C-8 Polestar unit starts from €400,000.

The Polestar edition comes in T-top and hardtop versions, the latter having a retractable roof. The cockpit can accommodate up to eight adults. It also has a front cabin, capable of hosting two adults and two children.

The C-8 utilises Candela’s proprietary electric direct drive pod motor, the C-POD. The boatmaker claims that it allows the vessel to operate smoothly.

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