Edtech firm Sana Labs raises €58M to revolutionise knowledge sharing

Sana Labs CEO and Co-Founder Joel Hellermark. Image credits: Press Photo.

Sana Labs has concluded a $62 million (approximately €58 million) Series B financing round. The funds will be used to advance its AI-powered knowledge-sharing platform

Online food delivery firm DoorDash, ride-sharing app Uber, and American venture capitalist New Enterprise Associates (NEA) co-led the fundraising effort. San Francisco-based venture investment firm Workday Ventures also participated in the funding process.

Scott Sandell and Philip Chopin — chairman and partner at NEA, respectively — will be on Sana’s board as part of the investment agreement. In a note to partners, Sana founder and CEO Joel Hellermark said Sandell and Chopin’s combined expertise would help the startup develop into a “generational company.”

Hellermark described the startup’s progress in the past six months as “astounding.” He also praised Sana’s internal team for contributing to the Stockholm startup since its establishment in 2016.

“The team’s talent is one of the key reasons why NEA and Workday Ventures chose to invest and what makes me so excited for the incredible journey ahead,” Hellermark wrote.

Sana offers personalised online training

The AI-powered learning platform provides personalised online training for professionals across varying sectors looking to reskill or upskill. It has helped world-class organisations like PepsiCo and Amgen train their employees.

Sana experienced substantial growth during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the increased prevalence of remote work. During this period, it played a pivotal role in training 80,000 healthcare professionals across 2,000 hospitals.

Sana says its AI-powered solutions enable employers to train their workforce at an “accelerated pace,” significantly increasing productivity in these companies. The firm offers five services — onboarding for new employees, customer education, compliance program, sales enhancement, and leadership development.

The Sana platform creates an immersive learning experience for training participants by merging live collaborative sessions and self-paced classes. Sana AI develops questions, explanations, supporting images, and comprehensive course materials from scratch based on each participant’s needs.

Participants can also make notes, record courses, and write reflection cards to maintain engagement with the training programs. Sana claims its AI technology can generate natural language command responses to enhance the online training experience.

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