Isbjörn of Sweden partners with Raizemore to offer circularity service

Outdoor apparel producer Isbjörn of Sweden has partnered with tech startup Raizemore to allow its customers to circulate their purchased garments.

“As part of our ambitious ongoing sustainability plan, we’re incredibly excited to announce our collaboration with Raizemore, a pioneering platform for the circular fashion economy,” said Isbjörn CEO Maria Frykman.

According to Frykman, the collaboration showcases Isbjörn’s effort to drive sustainability and reduce environmental impact. Isbjörn aims to become fully circular by the end of the decade and achieve net zero by 2045. Frykman expressed her optimism that Isbjörn could make a difference in the industry with the help of its customers.

Raizemore founder and CEO Jason McMillion said Isbjörn’s products fit his company’s service because of their durability and longevity. McMillion also said his team looks forward to ensuring that Isbjörn’s garments will find new owners and be reused for a “long time.”

Isbjörn and Raizemore are piloting the circularity service in Sweden, expecting to roll out the program globally. They integrate Raizemore’s verification service with Isbjörn’s business platform, allowing Isbjörn customers to get an overview of their past purchases.

Customers can list their previous purchases for resale in the secondhand market. The system will verify the customer’s submission and send them a voucher in exchange for the contribution. Isbjörn claims that the circularity service increases product lifespan and enhances customer loyalty.

Raizemore simplifies circularity service

As the fashion industry contributes up to ten percent to global carbon emissions, environmental scientists have encouraged consumers to recycle or reuse garments. However, Raizemore acknowledges that customers encounter difficulty in reselling or donating used garments.

The Swedish startup connects online retailers with numerous sellers specialising in secondhand products so that consumers do not need to oversee the reselling process by themselves.

Customers only need to sign into the retailer’s account connected to Raizemore and choose the piece of clothing that they want to submit. Once Raizemore has verified the submission, it will send information about which company will pick up the garments.

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