Volta Greentech partners up to revolutionize the meat industry in Sweden

The Swedish biotechnology startup dedicated to reducing methane emissions, Volta Greentech, has joined forces once more with Spanish food company Protos to present environmentally friendly beef in Sweden.

In the summer prior, the two companies launched a methane-reduced beef brand Lome Beef for the first time in Coop supermarkets across Sweden. The product garnered immense success and completely sold out within a week.

From June 9 this year, Lome Beef will be available for a limited time at Hemköp stores in the Stockholm region, starting with Torsplan, Stockholm City, and Mörby Centrum.

Following the initial launch, Protos plans to distribute the meat to various grocery stores and wholesalers, contingent upon availability.

Sustainable beef production

According to Protos and Volta Greentech, the farmers chosen by the companies play a vital role in raising beef cattle for the Lome brand. The farmers incorporate Lome, a feed supplement derived from the red algae Asparagopsis taxiformis, into their cattle diets. This helps break down the bacteria responsible for producing methane in their stomachs.

Co-founder and CEO of Volta Greentech Fredrik Åkerman said the company had achieved a significant milestone by securing a long-term agreement to provide the algae to sustainably feed up to 1,000 cattle per year for the next five years. Åkerman claimed that this accomplishment ensures a consistent and uninterrupted supply of Lome Beef to meet the demands of consumers.

Over the past two years, Volta Greentech has also conducted commercial demonstration projects at two beef farms in Sweden — Ejmunds, situated on Gotland Island, and Tre Bönder, located near Stockholm.

According to the company, the outcomes demonstrated a reduction of up to 90 percent in methane emissions during the feeding period. The independent research institute RISE verified the credibility of this data.

Following the successful pilot projects, Volta and Protos forged an agreement to scale up the use of the algae supplement. Åkerman acknowledged that there is still considerable work to expand algae production, but they are progressing steadily.

“By offering Lome Beef, we have the opportunity to build a movement of climate-aware consumers who share our vision,” Åkerman said.

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