Vargas launches new startup to accelerate decarbonisation, lower energy bills

Vargas has launched its fourth startup, Aira, which aims to accelerate decarbonization. Image credit: Press.

Swedish impact company builder and investor Vargas has launched its fourth startup, Aira, which aims to accelerate decarbonization by reducing CO2 emissions from residential heating, decreasing dependence on foreign gas and lowering consumer energy costs.

Aira simplifies the process of decarbonizing homes by providing a comprehensive home energy system centered around an intelligent heat pump. By offering consumers an affordable fixed monthly fee, Aira enables significant savings on energy bills.

Aira is conducting pilot programs in Italy and plans to expand its operations to Germany and the UK later this year. Looking ahead to 2030, the company plans to establish a presence in over 20 European markets. This expansion will involve employing more than 10,000 clean energy experts and technicians.

Aira has secured a production facility in Wroclaw, Poland, to bring its aspirations to fruition. This facility will serve as the manufacturing hub, with production slated to commence in 2024.

A greener solution for residential heating

According to Harald Mix, chairman of Vargas and Aira, the Fit-for-55 policy framework established by the EU is crucial for achieving the goals outlined in the Paris Agreement.

“By applying Vargas proven model of vertical integration and scale, Aira can offer consumer cost-savings as well as greener residential heating — this is the most efficient way to achieve net zero,” he said.

Mix highlighted that heat pump technology had gained significant acceptance in Scandinavia, and Aira is determined to expedite its adoption across Europe. The company plans to achieve this by leveraging national regulations and subsidies to encourage the widespread use of heat pumps.

“With clean energy tech for every home, Aira is transforming residential heating and accelerating Europe’s energy transition and decarbonization,” Martin Lewerth, CEO of Aira, said.

According to Lewerth, consumers face significant financial burdens due to the inefficiency, environmental impact and high costs of gas-based heating systems. He said Aira aims to address this issue by making heat pumps more affordable, reducing energy expenses and emissions.

“Our unique direct-to-consumer model will dramatically change how European families heat their homes,” Lewerth said.

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