Freja Offshore submits permit application for Cirrus wind farm

Swedish enterprise Hexicon and Norwegian company Mainstream Renewable Power, through their joint venture Freja Offshore, have submitted a permit application for the Cirrus offshore wind farm in the southern Baltic Sea in Sweden.

The proposed location for the Cirrus offshore wind farm lies approximately 50 kilometres southeast of Karlskrona within Sweden’s economic zone.

Once developed, the Cirrus wind farm will achieve a capacity of up to 2 GW. With an estimated annual output of up to 10TWh, the wind farm will provide abundant electricity for every household in Blekinge, Skåne, Kalmar, Kronoberg and Halland counties. The intended plan is for the wind farm to be connected to the power grid within price zone four.

According to Freja Offshore’s estimation, the Cirrus wind farm can contribute to the local economy. It also can generate numerous employment opportunities in Blekinge throughout its construction and operational phases.

Freja Offshore plans to use bottom-fixed offshore wind turbines for the Cirrus wind farm. It will also investigate the feasibility of deploying floating wind turbines in the deepest areas of the wind farm.

The overall design of the wind farm aims to maximise coexistence with other ocean users and address important societal interests. Special consideration is given to meeting the requirements and needs of the Swedish Armed Forces.

“Increasing electricity production is imperative, but there are other important factors as well: defence interests, residential considerations, fishing, and natural values, to name a few,” CEO of Freja Offshore Magnus Hallman said.

He explained that the company had decided to position the wind farm as far offshore as possible to address these considerations. This decision allows them to leverage favourable wind conditions.

“The proximity to Karlskrona is also viewed as positive as it has been a maritime technology hub for over 300 years,” Hallman said.

Freja Offshore plans to collaborate with relevant regional stakeholders. It also aims to leverage its expertise and ensure the smooth progression of the project.

He also said the company was ready to adapt the wind farm’s design to accommodate other interests, if necessary.

Head of Norway and Sweden at Mainstream Renewable Power, Sebastian Bringsværd, said the company was confident in the ambitious plans of Freja Offshore to foster the growth of Sweden’s emerging offshore wind industry.

Bringsværd said that both the Cirrus application and the previously submitted Mareld application had the potential to contribute to local benefits and aid Sweden in achieving its renewable energy goals.

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