Treebula raises €2.4M to expand sustainable forestry solutions

Stockholm-based startup TreTebula has secured €2.4 million from Industrifonden and its current owners to expand its forestry management services offerings.

According to Adam Aljaraidah, CEO and co-founder of Treebula, there is a significant increase in interest surrounding forests and their versatile applications. He said that the demand for the various values supplied by forests is growing within Sweden and globally.

“The timing is perfect for us to keep establishing the natural conduit between forest owners and those who wish to realise the forest’s true potential,” he said.

Aljaraidah explained that the fund had brought the necessary resources for Treebula to strengthen its position in Sweden and expand its “international presence under the Treebula brand.”

Investment director at Industrifonden Anna Haupt said the forestry landscape is undergoing significant changes, characterized by increasing demand for “both wood and carbon sequestration.”

She explained that this change indicates a transforming industry driven by digitalisation and a growing awareness among forest owners regarding the significance of biodiversity and financial values.

Haupt further explained that Treebula acknowledges the potential of carbon credits once the market becomes more mature and that Industrifonden is “proud to support their mission of a greener future.”

About Treebula

Treebula, formerly Virkesbörsen, was founded in 2017 by Per Hedberg and Aljaraidah to bring transparency, openness and efficiency to the timber market and establish a fair marketplace. It currently has a network of over 30,000 Swedish forest owners on its platform.

The company offers services that include forest management plans and a carbon credits marketplace. It’s platform provides comprehensive information on forest management practices and their effects on climate, economy and biodiversity as well.

Treebula’s website displays current roundwood prices for various regions, listed as costs per solid cubic metre at the forest roadside. These prices are shown as averages across different dimensions and qualities.

The data is sourced from various organisations or agencies globally. The exchange rates used for updating the prices are obtained from Eurostat.

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