Campstream redefines camping experience with smart tent temperature control tech

Örnsköldsvik-based startup Campstream has unveiled Campstream One, a smart solution that uses an electric vehicle’s heating and air conditioning system to control the temperature inside a tent while camping.

The device is designed to work with Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y, as well as Rivian’s R1S and R1T. There are intentions to expand its compatibility to include additional EV models in the coming times.

To set up Campstream One, the user should begin by installing a window unit in one of the front windows of their vehicle. The window must be rolled down for this purpose. Next, the user should connect the unit to a car’s air vents using a short hose.

A longer hose should then be run from the other side of the window unit to the tent to allow the cool or warm air from the vehicle’s HVAC system to be directed into the tent.

The setup also includes a USB-C cord that the user can use to charge their devices or provide lighting inside the tent.

Campstream allows users to control the temperature of the air sent to the tent through a smartphone app. Campstream also offers reversible sleeves for the air hoses, which would enable users to utilise or reflect solar heat to assist the HVAC system.

Currently, Campstream One is in the mid of a Kickstarter campaign and backers can pledge 3,940 SEK (about $375) to secure one setup. Following production, the retail price is projected to be $499, with deliveries commencing in November in the U.S.

The High Flow Kit

In addition to Campstream One, the company is developing another product called the High Flow Kit. The kit optimizes airflow in trunk-mounted tents to enhance ventilation for a refreshing and comfortable camping environment. It connects to the user’s EV’s air vents, extending from the cabin to the trunk.

To use the High Flow Kit, the user should first check that they have all the necessary components, including hoses, connectors and accessories. Once they have everything, they can connect the kit to the air vents in their EV that will serve as the air source for their trunk-mounted tent.

After that, they can connect the hose to the High Flow Kit and route it through the cabin, ensuring that it is securely fastened and does not interfere with vehicle controls. The user can then fine-tune the airflow and temperature in their tent through their EV.

The High Flow Kit is currently available for pre-order.

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