Apica snags €9,1M funding, acquires LOGIQ.AI to elevate observability solutions

Apica lands funding and plans to acquire LOGIQ.AI. Image credit: Press.

Stockholm-based startup Apica has secured $10 million or €9,1 million in funding from Industrifonden, Oxx and SEB Foundation.

It also has announced the plan to acquire Californian data fabric innovator LOGIQ.AI. By integrating LOGIQ.AI, Apica aspires to improve active observability and assist IT, DevOps and monitoring teams in handling data challenges.

The funding and acquisition will enable Apica to enhance its observability solutions, particularly for enterprise customers.

“We are determined to address the need for low-cost infinite storage and observability to support businesses with relevant, actionable data,” Apica CEO Mathias Thomsen said.

He explained that with the acquisition of LOGIQ.AI and the additional funding, Apica aims to introduce a proactive platform called “Active Observability.”

New features in the platform

This platform will combine observability and synthetic monitoring to fill gaps in data, providing relevant business data within context.

Oxx’s general Partner and co-founder Mikael Johnsson pointed out the distinctive aspect of Apica’s novel offering — the fusion of an observability data fabric with synthetic monitoring.

He stressed the crucial role of streamlined and cost-effective monitoring and observability solutions in a business environment where downtime can be detrimental.

Johnsson also acknowledged that implementing the “active observability” concept has been particularly challenging for enterprises with complex data structures and those operating under stringent regulations.

He said that with the integration of LOGIQ.AI, Apica can now provide a comprehensive observability solution. It allows a broader spectrum of companies to integrate observability into their operational strategies effectively.

“Apica is setting a new standard for ‘active observability’, and at Oxx we are excited to see where the Apica team takes this next,” Johnsson said.

Goals of the partnership

LOGIQ CEO Ranjan Parthasarathy highlighted the innovative and intelligent approach to data management resulting from integrating Apica and LOGIQ’s data fabric platform. He underscored how this partnership empowers businesses to excel by harmonizing data-driven insights and flawless operational performance.

Per Apica chief product officer Jason Haworth, the company is introducing a customizable approach to active observability. “We can give you observability at a low cost that scales to exabytes and gives you your data in context when and how you need it,” he said.

He mentioned that Apica is also incorporating these features into its data lakes and indexing mechanisms, all while embracing industry standards such as OpenTelemetry.

According to Haworth, Apica’s platform is designed to transcend specific applications, devices, services and vendors. This versatility allows Apica to act as a decoding mechanism that surpasses the limitations of other players in the market.

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