&Repeat merges with competitor to tackle EU packaging regulation

Swedish impact tech startup &Repeat has merged with Finnish competitor Kamupak to form a leading Nordic company in circular packaging solutions. The merger aims to strengthen the new company’s market offerings and its ability to assist the restaurant industry in meeting the new upcoming EU regulation set to be enforced in January 2024 in Sweden.

For context, the new regulation will require restaurants in Sweden to give customers the option to choose reusable food packaging for takeout orders. The package can be returned to the restaurants for cleaning and reuse. This regulation is set to mainly affect restaurants that sell fast food and beverages in single-use packaging.

“With a new briz of regulation across EU member states ahead, the packaging industry stands on the brink of a transformation and we are just about to embark on this long journey,” said Tor Espen Steinvik, CEO and co-founder of &Repeat.

“Merging with Kamupak to create a strong Nordic player will strengthen us in the Swedish market and simultaneously also position us well to become a strong European player.”

Ilkka Puikkonen, the CEO of Kamupak, said the new company now aims to build” a clear Nordic market leader” that would help develop solutions and infrastructure for the restaurant industry.

Building ‘next generation tech’

After the merger, the new company will have more than 500 customers in Sweden and Finland combined. This includes major brands like Pressbyrån, Espressohouse, Wolt, Sodexo, Kespro, and Picnic.

The two companies will combine their assets and continue to operate in Sweden and Finland with their respective brand names. Puikkonen will function as the CEO of the new company, while Steinvik will assume an advisory role. No further details have been revealed about the deal between the two parties.

Puikkonen, however, has said that both companies have invested resources into building “next-generation tech” and systems to assist restaurants in finding solutions for the new reusable food packaging regulation.

The systems require a completely new infrastructure to operate the return, logistics, and washing process of reusable dishes. The new infrastructure would utilise AI and advanced RFID technology to provide customers and restaurants with a “future-proof and friction-free” experience.

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