AlixLabs raises $3.6M to soften semiconductors’ environmental impact

Swedish startup AlixLabs AB, which specialises in atomic etching technology, has secured SEK 40 million (approximately $3.6 million) in funding to advance its “pitch-splitting” chip manufacturing technology. The investment round was led by prominent investors such as Navigare Ventures, Industrifonden and

“This investment marks a significant milestone as we work towards our goal: to have our meticulously developed process adopted by circuit manufacturers in their most advanced production by 2025,” said AlixLabs CEO Jonas Sundqvist.

Founded in 2019, AlixLabs has dedicated its efforts to the development of its innovative Atomic Layer Etching (ALE) Pitch Splitting technology (APS). This technology claims the ability to split nanostructures in half with a single atomic-level etching step.

The method relies on inclined surfaces, created through dry etching or epitaxial growth, to serve as a mask for the ALE process. It enables the precise and efficient creation of small structures.

The APS technology holds the potential to revolutionise the semiconductor industry by streamlining the manufacturing process. By reducing the number of steps required, AlixLabs aims to lower the environmental impact of semiconductor production by curbing energy consumption and emissions.

Semiconductor’s soaring expenses

The semiconductor industry has long grappled with soaring expenses, particularly due to the high costs associated with extreme ultraviolet (EUV) equipment. The industry is also experiencing a growing need for energy-efficient alternatives and sustainable practices.

AlixLabs is poised to disrupt the semiconductor landscape with its innovative manufacturing approach. Through its ALE APS, the company enables precise division of nanostructures while significantly reducing energy consumption and emissions.

This innovation has attracted the attention of investors, offering a solution to the rising costs associated with current manufacturing methods.

“AlixLabs has taken considerable steps in establishing itself as an emerging equipment manufacturer, contributing to the fast growing European semiconductor industry,” said Alex Basu, investment manager at Navigare Ventures.

“We look forward to a continued partnership as they bring their technology to production in the coming years.”

AlixLabs’ innovation also coincided with the European Union’s ambitious semiconductor initiative, the EU Chips Act. This initiative allocates substantial resources, with over €‎43 billion earmarked for the next five years, which aligns well with AlixLabs’ mission to drive technological progress and sustainable manufacturing.

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