OX2 unveils new wind farm plan to power millions of homes

Swedish renewable energy company OX2 has announced a new offshore wind farm project named “Ran” to advance clean energy, which will be situated roughly 12 kilometres off the eastern coast of Gotland.

This project will be carried out alongside another offshore wind farm called Pleione, situated roughly 35 kilometres off Gotland’s eastern coast in Sweden’s economic zone (SEZ).

In its early stages, the Ran wind farm project aims to install up to 121 wind turbines within the designated area. According to information on its website, these turbines will reach a maximum height of 310 metres, including their rotor blades.

Once completed, the Ran and Pleione offshore wind farms are expected to have a combined capacity of roughly 2.8 GW. They are also projected to generate 13 TWh of clean energy every year.

To put this in perspective, this amount of energy can power 2.7 million households annually or fulfil nine percent of Sweden’s current electricity needs.

“The completed wind farms will contribute fossil-free electricity for households, industry and business while creating jobs and infrastructure within the Gotland region,” said Emelie Zakrisson, who is responsible for the offshore wind power development in Sweden for OX2.

To get this project off the ground, OX2 will need permission from the Land and Environment Court to build and operate the Ran wind farm and approval from the Gotland region’s municipal authorities.

OX2 is actively involved in various offshore wind projects throughout Sweden as well, including the 1.5 GW Triton offshore wind farm located within the Swedish economic zone off the coast of Skåne.

Last month marked a significant milestone for OX2, as it secured the coveted Natura 2000 permit for its Triton project. If the government gives the final approval, the company said it could start building the wind farm by 2027 and potentially begin producing energy before 2030.

Starting this month, there will also be a consultation phase where government bodies and the public can learn about the project, share their thoughts and engage in discussions.

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