Grönska secures backing to scale up GrowOff’s vertical farming

Grönska, the Swedish startup renowned for its expertise in indoor vertical farming cabinets, has secured financial support from Nefco (Nordic Green Bank) to accelerate the expansion of its innovative vertical farming solution known as GrowOff.

The company is also receiving backing from Almi Företagspartner, the Swedish public financier, following previous financial assistance from Nopef, which supported a feasibility study in the United States and Canada.

This substantial injection of funds will empower Grönska to scale up its GrowOff units, making their debut in both European and US markets. This expansion is expected to be significant in advancing resource-efficient and climate-resilient food production within urban areas.

“We look forward to making a positive impact on global agriculture and promoting environmentally friendly practices,” said Robin Lee, CEO of Grönska.

Lee further emphasised the company’s commitment to a transformative five-year plan, aiming to solidify its position as a leader in the small-scale controlled agriculture sector.

“We are working hard to make growing even easier and available to a wider audience,” he said.

Grönska had previously raised 20.5 million SEK (approximately $2.4 million) in 2021, enabling the company to advance the technology underpinning both its farm and GrowOff systems. Notable investors in the funding round included 82an Invest, PEAS Industries, Rite Ventures, Martas Explorers, Daniel Sachs AB, and an Investor Group led by Tectonic Shift.

Grönska’s shift from farming to sustainable technology

In its early years, Grönska primarily operated a large-scale vertical farm in Stockholm. However, in 2021, the company underwent a strategic shift, transitioning into a technology provider for the vertical farming industry.

Indoor vertical farming holds the promise of resource-efficient and climate-resilient food production in urban environments. Controlled environment agriculture solutions, such as indoor vertical farms, offer the ability to grow crops out of season and in regions where traditional agriculture may struggle to thrive, contributing to a more sustainable global food industry as a result.

One of Grönska’s flagship offerings, the GrowOff units, functions as a closed-loop system for cultivating leafy greens locally. These units can be strategically placed in various locations, such as supermarkets, schools and restaurants, effectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation.

GrowOff units also have the potential to slash annual water consumption by up to 95 percent, minimise nutrient runoff and eliminate the need for pesticides.

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