X Shore introduces all-electric boat for maritime professionals

Swedish electric boat manufacturer X Shore has launched its third all-electric boat. Named the X Shore Pro, the model is marketed for maritime professionals such as the Coast Guard, shuttle service providers, and diving operators.

The company has sold its first X Shore Pro, and the unit will be used as a “school boat,” transporting students in the Swedish archipelago.

“The X Shore Pro shows that electric boats can serve the industry and deliver change at scale and reach the lives of more people while providing a valuable tool to reach sustainability targets,” X Shore CEO Jenny Keisu said during the boat’s launch.

The eight-metre long and 2,6-metre wide boat comes in two versions—cabin and open platform. Not only does it feature an expansive deck, but the boat can also accommodate up to eight passengers and two crews. Per the X Shore website, both the interior and exterior areas of the boat are customisable.

Built on the same platform as the flagship Eelex 8000, the X Shore Pro model mirrors its configuration. With a power output of 170 kW (228 hp), the boat has a 20-knot (37 km/h) cruise speed, with a top speed of 30 knots (56 km/h). This comes with a range of around 100 nautical miles at low speed or 20 nautical miles at cruising speed.

The X Shore Pro’s charger is designed to be compatible with almost all sockets. The charging takes overnight when plugged into a regular 230V outlet. However, it can charge from 20 percent to 80 percent in just three hours when plugged into a three-phase socket.

To further support the fight against climate change, the X Shore Pro is equipped with various green features. Like X Shore’s previous models, the deck lining is made of cork, which X Shore argues to be more sustainable than wood, such as teak.

Meanwhile, the hull is made of a combination of glass fibre and carbon fibre, making it durable and lightweight, therefore further minimising its environmental impacts. Being lightweight means the boat consumes even less energy compared to its counterparts. However, X Shore Pro owners would not have to worry about running out of battery.

With a battery capacity of 126 kWh, the model will not run out of power for over 20 hours at low speed. At cruising speed and at full capacity, the vessel will go for one and a half hours. Upon reaching 10 percent of battery capacity, the boat will enter “power saving mode,” limiting its speed to six to seven knots to allow the crews to get to the nearest charging point.

Techarenan News/Monok

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