ABB to expand robotics footprint in Europe with new €263M campus

ABB. Image credit: Shutterstock.

ABB, the Swedish-Swiss global leader in robotics and automation, has announced an investment of €263 million to build a robotics campus in Västerås, Sweden, to boost production capacity by 50 percent and be a hub for developing new robots and automation solutions.

ABB CEO Björn Rosengren said the investment is driven by customer demand and projected market growth in Europe, which is expected to grow at a seven percent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) through 2027. Currently, the company manufactures around 95 percent of the robots it sells in the region.

When the campus is completed, the company will have invested €422.6 million in its three robotics facilities since 2018. The two other facilities are the mega factory in Shanghai to supply the Asian market and the Auburn Hills facility for the Americas.

“This new campus is a significant part of our global growth story and key in supporting our European customers as they accelerate investment in robotics and AI due to the reshoring of industry, the move to more sustainable supply chains and long-term labor shortages,” said Sami Atiya, president of ABB’s Robotics & Discrete Automation Business Area.

Beyond its manufacturing capacity, ABB believes that the new campus will help it to serve its customers more efficiently and support new and existing sectors like automotive, electronics, logistics, healthcare, e-commerce, and pharmaceuticals.

A glimpse into the future-ready campus

Expected to open in late 2026, the 65,000 square metre campus will replace the existing robotics facilities at the site. It will host 1,300 employees and include a new factory, offices, a research and development centre, an experience centre, and a training centre.

The construction will start in 2024, replacing the nine buildings that have grown since 1974 to form ABB’s current robotics operations in Sweden. This consolidation will further enhance cross-functional synergies.

The new factory will also use autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to move materials and products between warehouses, assembly stations, and departments.

The construction also considers ABB’s 2030 Sustainability targets of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing resource conversation. Some considerations include the selection process for building materials, the construction process, and solar panels on the roof.

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