Blue Ocean Closures joins hands with Coca-Cola to develop sustainable caps

Blue Ocean Closures partners up with Coca Cola. Image credit: Press.

Swedish sustainable packaging startup Blue Ocean Closures has partnered with Coca-Cola’s Europe, Middle East, and Africa research and development facility in Brussels, Belgium, to test and further develop biobased screw caps.

Blue Ocean Closure’s screw cap is fibre-based and is therefore biodegradable and recyclable, like paper. It is also comparable in performance to traditional plastic screw caps. The company is working to address the global plastic pollution crisis by developing sustainable products that are biobased, cost-effective, ocean-biodegradable, recyclable, and scalable.

“For us to succeed with this groundbreaking move, away from fossil-based plastics, it is extremely important to have global brands onboard, with the ambition and ability to truly making a difference,” said Lars Sandberg, CEO of Blue Ocean Closures.

“We are thrilled to announce our explorative partnership with Coca-Cola’s EMEA R&D Center today, focusing on innovation to bring new and more sustainable products to use.”

Daphné Ronat, packaging engineer at Coca-Cola’s EMEA R&D Center, said the company was excited to join the pioneer community and help test and develop the innovation as it grows, which is in alignment with its sustainability strategy and ongoing work on future packaging technologies that could complement existing packaging in its mix.

Sustainable solution for packaging

Plastic bottle caps can be a challenge to recycle, as their recyclability depends on the equipment available at the local recycling facility. If the facility does not have the necessary equipment, putting the caps in the recycling bin can create a problem.

Blue Ocean Closure’s partnership with Coca-Cola is a positive development for sustainability in the packaging industry. The fibre-based screw caps can potentially reduce plastic pollution and create a more sustainable future for packaging.

The collaboration also supports Coca-Cola’s World Without Waste strategy, which aims to collect and recycle a bottle or can for every one it sells by 2030. The company shares the European Commission’s goal of collecting 90 percent of plastic beverage bottles in the European Union. It is determined to help solve the packaging waste problem by eliminating litter, including bottles and caps.

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