Stilride partners with Hedon for handcrafted retro-themed helmets

Stilride Co-Founder and CEO Jonas Nyvang. Image credit: Press.

Stockholm-based technology and mobility startup Stilride has teamed up with British helmet maker Hedon, known for its innovative and stylish luxury helmets, to create a new collection of handcrafted helmets for its light-electric motorcycle, the Stilride 1.

The helmets, named Circuit and Bullit, are stylish and high-quality open-face helmets that embody the companies’ shared commitment to modern luxury and retro-inspired design. Both helmets are made with composite fibre shells and feature a variety of premium features, offering riders the highest levels of safety, comfort, and style.

“The bespoke sensibilities and rad style of Hedon, paired with their focus on safety and comfort align perfectly with the ethos of Stilride and add a wonderful complement to our new, Stilride 1. Finding a partner as experienced and artistic as Hedon in the luxury helmet market is a great match for Stilride,” said Cameron Crisman, director of growth at Stilride.

Stilride 1 is a lightweight electric motorcycle with a unique origami-inspired design. The chassis is made from recycled Swedish steel and is optimised for rider experience and ecologically sustainable manufacturing.

The new Stilride x Hedon helmets are available in various sizes, ranging from XS/S to XXL, and meet the ECE 22.06 safety standards. The Circuit Hedonist is a limited-edition helmet, while the Bullit Hedonist is made to order. Both are priced at €635 for delivery in 2024.

Retro helmets with advanced features

The Circuit and Bullit helmets are meticulously handcrafted and combine minimalist styling with advanced safety features. The helmets feature a composite fibre shell made of fibreglass and carbon fibre, which strikes a balance between lightweight design and durability.

The exterior is finished with automotive-grade paints, which gives it a glossy and protective coating. The black and silver colours are also very sleek and stylish.

The interior is lined with Hed Armour, a material known for its comfort and safety. The 360-degree cushion padding also helps to make the product more comfortable to use. Merlin anti-bacterial fabric promotes hygiene and long-term wear, while black leather lining and trim contribute to a luxurious feel and add to the helmets’ overall durability.

For comfort and versatility, the helmets feature a three-channel ventilation system to keep riders cool during their journey. They also come equipped with a convenient Mirror Shield Visor for optimal visibility. There are seven different coloured visors for separate purchase for those looking to personalise their style.

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