Report From TechBBQ: An Echo of Denmark’s Thriving Tech Ecosystem

The mainstage at TechBBQ in Copenhagen. Image credit: Techarenan.

Recently, Copenhagen held TechBBQ, an event that’s been gaining traction in the Danish tech circuit. Situated in central Copenhagen, the event offers a window into Denmark’s evolving tech landscape.

A particularly striking aspect of Denmark’s tech scene is its impressive lineup of unicorns—or as they are increasingly referred to, “camels.” Names like Lunar, Pleo, Trustpilot, and Zendesk have made global waves. Out of a roster of 13 notable companies achieving such status, these stand out as a testament to Denmark’s nurturing tech environment.

To put it in perspective, Denmark has birthed 6.6 unicorns (or camels) per capita, a figure that is commendable.

Further emphasizing this entrepreneurial spirit, according to the Danish Chamber of Commerce, a significant 9.8% of Danes aged 18-64 have ventured into new entrepreneurial roles. This statistic not only reflects the risk-taking culture but also the fertile ground Denmark provides for startups.

People in motion at TechBBQ 2023.

Networking in focus

Back at TechBBQ, these themes were apparent. The presentations, workshops, and especially the startup showcases echoed Denmark’s thriving tech ecosystem. However, as is the case with any event, the content varied in depth and impact.

Networking remains a cornerstone of TechBBQ. The potential collaborations and exchanges that arise can lay the groundwork for the next big name in tech.

However, the challenge lies in ensuring these interactions move beyond mere business card exchanges and evolve into meaningful dialogues.

A well-attended matchmaking area at the event.

Unique tech hub

TechBBQ’s choice of slogan, “where tech and hygge meet,” is an intriguing reflection of its intent and Denmark’s unique approach to technology. For those unfamiliar, “hygge” is a Danish term that can’t be directly translated into a single word in English. It embodies coziness, comfort, warmth, and togetherness. By integrating “hygge” with technology, TechBBQ emphasizes the harmonious blend of cutting-edge innovation with a communal, comfortable, and human-centric approach.

This is particularly significant in a world where technology often feels cold, distant, or even intrusive. TechBBQ’s theme suggests that technological advancements don’t need to be at odds with personal well-being or community values. In fact, they can complement and enhance one another.

“TechBBQ is more than just an event—it’s a movement that unites and empowers the startup ecosystems across Europe. The memories we’ve created will continue to inspire us as we move forward” says Avnit Singh, CEO of TechBBQ.

Sessions were held on stages both inside and outside at the venue, an old locomotive workshop.

Denmark’s rise in the tech sector, its camels, and its impressive entrepreneurial spirit have showcased the ability to weave tech into the fabric of society without losing the quintessential Danish touch. And it’s in events like TechBBQ where this fusion is most evident.

Attendees not only come away with insights into the latest in tech but also a sense of connectedness and community. It serves as a reminder that in the rush of innovation, taking a moment to find comfort, connection, and a touch of ‘hygge’ can make all the difference.

A little time for yourself is always needed.

Facts: TechBBQ

Attendees: 7,500+

Founded: 2013.

Location: Old locomotive garage in Copenhagen.

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