BLK DNM launches blockchain-powered jackets to promote sustainable fashion

BLK DNM blockchain-powered jacket. Image credit: Press.

Swedish-American fashion brand BLK DNM has launched its collection of blockchain-powered leather jackets, allowing sustainable fashion enthusiasts to track the garment’s life cycle and verify its authenticity.

The collection is part of BLK DNM’s fall 2023 lineup and features 72 signature leather jackets across seven distinct styles. Each is equipped with blockchain hardware and software that creates a unique and traceable digital identity for the garment. Wearers can use this digital identity to track the jacket’s journey from production to sale to resale, ensuring its authenticity and provenance.

In addition to its sustainability features, the collection also offers a unique forever refund programme programme. Wearers who properly care for their jackets can return them to BLK DNM at any time and receive a partial refund based on the garment’s condition. This program encourages responsible ownership and helps extend the jackets’ lifespan.

“The apparel industry generates an extraordinary amount of waste, even more so with the rise of fast fashion. What we’re launching here is the first step towards changing that through next-generation technology,” said Toni Collin, CEO of BLK DNM.

The collection, ranging from €1,424 to €2,380, will be released in four launches throughout October in Stockholm, New York, and Los Angeles.

Metaverse fashion experience

BLK DNM’s blockchain initiative, developed by ChromaWay, is a first for the fashion industry. It combines the physical and digital worlds to create a more connected, sustainable fashion experience using digital IDs. It is also BLK DNM’s first major initiative since its acquisition by ChromaWay in June.

ChromaWay CEO and co-founder Henrik Hjelte said the project is “nothing like it has ever been attempted in fashion before”. He also voiced his excitement to see the technology elevate one of fashion’s most iconic brands into something unique, with the potential to transform people’s relationships with the clothes they wear and the brands they buy.

The digital garment IDs will also create a digital twin of each physical garment in the virtual world. This digital twin can be worn in metaverses, catering to younger generations whose identities in virtual worlds are as important as in the physical world.

BLK DNM Society, the company’s connected fashion community, will launch in tandem with the digital garment IDs. Members of BLK DNM Society will be able to access exclusive benefits, such as early access to new collections and voting rights on key brand decisions.

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