Myrspoven raises €5.4M for green real estate solutions

Anders Kallebo, co-founder and CEO of Myrspoven. Image credit: Press photo.

Myrspoven — a Stockholm-based tech firm that uses AI to optimize energy use in buildings — recently secured €5.4 million to support its mission.

Led by 4impact Capital, Vantaa Energy , and AMAVI Capital, the funding round came in the form of equity funding, meaning that investors received shares in the company. This investment will allow Myrspoven to extend its solutions throughout Europe and beyond as part of its channel partner strategy.

“We are eager to welcome 4impact capital and Vantaa Energy as new partners in this exciting phase of growth for Myrspoven,” said Anders Kallebo, co-founder and CEO of Myrspoven.

Kallebo said that financial support is crucial in furthering Myrspoven’s goal to help the real estate sector decrease carbon emissions by one percent and ensure the company’s commitment to providing outstanding service for its clients.

Currently managing over 3.5 million square metres of real estate across eight countries, Myrspoven saves an average of 20 percent of a building’s energy consumption.

Matti Wallin, business director of Vantaa Energy’s energy services, highlighted the partnership with Myrspoven is to ensure smart circulation of energy and finite resources.

“Energy efficiency and kerbing the customer’s energy costs are our main goals and we see that there is an increasing demand for such services. Joining Myrspoven is a natural choice for us and a good fit for our strategy,” Wallin said.

Myrspoven is the leader in its field of carbon emission reduction through a digital only solution. We are thrilled to team up and accelerate the positive change internationally.

Ali Najafbagy, 4impact Capital co-founder.

Meanwhile, 4impact Capital co-founder Ali Najafbagy described Myrspoven as a leader in carbon emission reduction through its digital-only solution. According to Richard Lindqvist, a Nordic partner at AMAVI Capital, Myrspoven’s AI solutions can redefine the real estate industry.

Real estate industry for sustainability

Myrspoven asserts that the real estate industry is crucial in addressing the climate crisis and building sustainable energy systems. Along with 13 real estate companies, Myrspoven has called for decisive policies to accelerate the transition in Sweden.

During the recent energy crisis, collaborative efforts between companies and tenants led to energy savings. One of them is the collaboration between school property company SISAB and Myrsproven, which successfully increased energy efficiency in school buildings.

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