AI, Climate and International Collabs in Focus at The Tech Arena 2024

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak, Former US VP Al Gore, and NASA Astronaut Jessica Meir at the Tech Arena stage.

From Apple Founder Steve Wozniak’s view on the future of tech, and Former US VP Al Gore’s call for climate action to NASA Astronaut, Jessica Meir’s space insights. Here are some highlights from The Tech Arena 2024 in Stockholm.

During two days thousands of entrepreneurs, business leaders, decision-makers, investors and tech talets gathered at The Tech Arena 2024 at Friends Arena in Stockholm, the largest sporting and concert arena in the Nordics.

Among over 100 stage sessions with 200+ speakers, headliners as Al Gore, Former US Vice President, Jessica Meir, NASA Astronaut, and Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple entered the stage.

Al Gore: “I’m here to recruit you”

Al Gore on stage. Image cred: Adrian Pehrson.

VP Al Gore spoke about his optimism for the climate, but emphasized the need for more action:

“The number one best thing people can do is to be very vigorous and active in the public discussion to get politicians at every level of government activated to move faster to reduce the emissions”, he said on stage.

Jessica Meir: “A Great Example of International Collaboration”

NASA Astronaut Jessica Meir in conversation with the moderator Linda Nyberg.

American-Swedish NASA Astronaut Jessica Meir focused on innovation in space in her stage session, and pointed out that space is a perfect example of knowledge sharing and innovation transfer.

“In space, we have been working together since the beginning; it’s been designed so that we’re dependent on each other, and it really enforces peaceful collaboration up there despite what’s going on earth,” She said.

Steve Wozniak: “AI should be like a scientific journal”

A big crowd wanted to see Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple.

The Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak told the story about the company and working with fellow founder Steve Jobs. He also looked into the future and gave his views on how the fast development of AI should be handled.

“AI should be that way that you can click on any statement from AI and see where it got it on the web, and use your own judgment as a human.”

See AI summaries from all stage sessions at The Tech Arena 2024, powered by the Swedish AI company Voxo.

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